Paramount+ Teases 'Fatal Attraction' Series

Paramount+'s new series “Fatal Attraction,” a revamping of the 1987 psychosexual thriller, is getting its own outdoor teaser campaign, created in-house.

The upcoming series, starring Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson, streams April 30, with three episodes. But the created campaign to draw in audiences intrigued by a reimagined "FA" kicks off in two phases.

From late March through April 2, unbranded billboards featured a memorable line from the original film, scrawled in red: "I Won't Be Ignored, Dan."

The second incarnation, debuting today, April 3, will add Paramount+ branded boards to dovetail with the launch of the series trailer, which was just released.

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close co-starred in the original movie, which focused on the deadly aspects of obsession.



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