Stagwell's Latest Marketing Cloud Product Designed To Optimize Content Performance

Stagwell’s Marketing Cloud unit took the wraps off its latest product today. It’s called “SmartAssets,” an AI-powered SaaS platform designed to help brands manage their content libraries and assess performance. 

SmartAssets was developed by employees of Locaria, a multilingual content and media consultancy, part of Stagwell’s Brand Performance Network. It was developed via Stagwell’s Shark Tank-like annual in-house competition, now in its fifth year.   

With the platform brands can use data to optimize and forecast creative performance and make real-time changes to the creative based on data insights – for example, swapping out a red jacket on TikTok and a blue jacket on Instagram based on a user’s preferences on those platforms. 

Lindsay Hong, Chief Operating Officer, Locaria, says SmartAssets “will derive insights at scale to inform the creative process and expedite media strategy activation, allowing brands and agencies to unite their creative and media teams around one goal."

Stagwell formed its Marketing Cloud unit in 2021 to develop SaaS and DaaS products to support efforts by in-house marketers. 





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