Kids & Dinosaurs: Beech-Nut Leverages Love Story With Dino Biscuits



Beech-Nut believes that toddlers will eat healthy snack biscuits containing prebiotics and “hidden veggies” as long as they’re shaped like dinosaurs.

Last month, the company launched Dino Biscuits—containing fruits, veggies and whole grains without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives—in the baby food aisle at Walmart and other retailers.

Now Beech-Nut has recruited a female “toddler paleontologist” called Dani Dinoborough ahead of a five-city series of dinosaur-centric activations that will bring together parents, kids and prehistoric experiences.

In this campaign spot, Dani sits at a table examining Dino Biscuits with a magnifying glass as a female voiceover describes her “smashing discovery.”



In the “final test,” Dani puts a biscuit in her mouth and breaks into a smile.

Words superimposed on the screen declare Dino Biscuits to be “Jr. Paleontolgist Approved.”

"The snacks are designed to help capture the imagination of young children while giving parents “peace of mind when kids ask for more,” Beech-Nut snacks brand manager Lauren Evans said in a news release.

Beginning this month through Father’s Day weekend in June, Beech-Nut will fund Dinosaur Dig experiences at dinosaur exhibit facilities in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Dallas.

At each event, Beech-Nut will distribute free Dino Biscuits and provide transportation and lunch for one preschool field trip as detailed on the company’s website.

“It’s a win-win as kids will get to munch on veggie and fruit-forward snacks while Beech-Nut’s sponsorship dollars fuel these important learning sites,” said Evans.

People who don’t live near one of the Dinosaur Dig locations can enter a contest to win a monthly Dino Birthday Party Kit giveaway.


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