Science Moms Promote Clean Energy

Science Moms, a nonpartisan group of scientists confronting climate change, launched new ads to underscore the importance of clean energy.

Potential Energy is powering the $2 million ad campaign.

PE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit coalition that brings leading creative, analytic and media agencies together to shift the narrative on climate change. 

The two spots in the “Cleanversations” campaign — “Smoking Bus” and “Game Show” — are running cross-platform.

Dr. Melissa Burt, a climate scientist at Colorado State University and founding member of Science Moms, said: “Unprecedented spikes in extreme heat, toxin-filled air from diesel school buses, and intensifying storms continue to worsen as more head-trapping pollution is released into the atmosphere from dirty energy sources.



“By starting ‘Cleeanversations,’ Science Moms is not only educating parents on the risks of dirty energy but empowering them to implement real solutions to keep their little ones safe.”

The Science Mom site notes that new incentives and tax credits are making clean energy more affordable and accessible.

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