HelloFresh Launches Snacks, Recipes Into The 'Guardians' Galaxy

HelloFresh is going to the movies—again.

Having done its first food-focused, motion picture tie-in last year with “Minions” followed by another with “Elf,” the meal kit company has created snacks and recipes that align with the upcoming release of Marvel Studios’ “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

In the first phase of the promotion, HelloFresh staged a giveaway that began today on a dedicated website. No subscription was required to be eligible to win one of 500 Guardians Snack Adventure kits.

With an average retail value of $228, each kit included pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards for two servings of Zarg Nut Bites and Mango Milky Fizz—along with a cosmic-designed jar for the Bites and a collectible cartons for the Fizz.

This video opens with a scene from the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” trailer in which actor Chris Pratt—in the role of Peter Quill—opens fire on adversaries.

The camera quickly cuts to an office where a worker's desk is equipped with a supply of Bites and Fizz.

As soon as he begins snacking, items on his desk begin to float upward and co-workers become transformed into characters from the movie.

Within minutes of today’s activation, one-third of the Guardians Snack Adventure kits had been claimed, according to the company and HelloFresh followers on Instagram. There will be two more drops on April 24 and May 1.

“This fun new collaboration demonstrates how home cooking with friends and loved ones can be an exciting adventure and a memorable bonding experience that you can enjoy with your given or ‘chosen family,’” HelloFresh vice president of brand and creative Kirsten Walpert said in a news release.

The company also is introducing six meals themed to characters in the movie—including “Destroyed” Thai Chili Coconut Smash Patties named for the Guardians’ strongman Drax, who is no stranger to smashing things.

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