Content Producers Say AI Tools Will Replace Writers

Content marketers predict that AI writing tools will replace live writers, according to 2023 Content Marketing and Generative AI Outlook, a study by BMV.

Of those polled, 40% say junior writers will be replaced and 29% say all writers will within five years. Another 31% say it won’t happen at all. 

At the same time, 58% believe AI-generated content will be penalized by search engines. As AI chatbots are integrated into search, content marketers say they are: 

  • Extremely concerned—21% 
  • Moderately concerned—21% 
  • Somewhat concerned—24%
  • Slightly concerned—17%
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  • Not at all concerned—17%

Of the companies polled, 45% are increased their content marketing budgets, 26% are decreasing them and 29% are staying the same. 



They are working on: 

  • Increasing engagement on social media—38%
  • Increasing content on the company website—36%
  • Increasing content on social media channels—36%
  • Increasing inbound traffic—35%
  • Improving search engine rankings/SERP—34%
  • Distributing/building awareness—33% 
  • Increasing backlinks—32% 

B2B content producers are focused on these formats in 2023:

  • Demand + Lead Generation Blog Posts—39% 
  • Photos/Graphics/Visuals—34%
  • Short-form Videos—31% 
  • Email/Newsletter Content—30% 
  • Whitepapers/Case studies/eBooks—30%
  • Long-form Videos—30%
  • Audio Content/Podcasts—29% 

On the B2C side, they are producing: 

  1. Demand + Lead Generation Blog Posts—30%
  2. Photos/Graphics/Visuals—36%
  3. Short-form Videos—31% 
  4. Email/Newsletter Content—36% 
  5. Whitepapers/Case studies/eBooks—33% 
  6. Long-form Videos—35%
  7. Audio Content/Podcasts—26%

BMV surveyed 1,000 content marketers in Q1.

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