Carlson's Show Generated 7% Of Total Fox News Ad Revenue In Q1

The now-defunct “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show generated just 7% of Fox News’s total $479 million in ad revenue in this year’s first quarter, according to MediaRadar. 

More than 215 companies spent over $37.2 million on the show to advertise more than 260 brands, out of a total 615 companies spending $479 million to advertise nearly 1,000 brands on Fox News during the period, according to the advertising intelligence platform’s tracking software.

The show’s top three categories in Q1 were pharma ($8.9 million), home furnishings ($8.8 million) and finance ($4.3 million). These categories’ combined $22 million accounted for 59% of the show’s total advertising revenue in the period.

The biggest pharma brand spenders on the show included dietary supplements, medical devices, and hearing aids, representing a combined $7.1 million (19%) of the category’s ad revenue on the show in the quarter. 

Pillow advertising (My Pillow, above, is Fox News’s largest advertiser) spent $6.4 million on the show, accounting for 17% of its home furnishings ad revenue during the period. Cookware and mats advertisers spent more than $1 million on the show.

Life insurance ad spend on the show totaled $2.3 million and made up 6% of the show’s finance advertising revenue.

For the Fox News network overall, the Q1 top categories were pharma, at $140 million (29%); finance, at $73 million (15%), and professional services, at $56 million (12%). Combined, these categories made up nearly 56% of the network’s total spend in the quarter.

Dietary supplements, OTC sleep aids and hearing aids made up 48% of the network's pharma ad revenue, life insurance accounted for 22% of the finance category, and weight-loss services, at $21 million, made up 37% of professional services spend. 

Data analyzed included a sampling of ad spend from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and other national Fox News broadcasts between January 1 to March 31. 

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