Gut LA, DoorDash Team To Help Kids Buy Mother's Day Flowers

This Mother’s Day, DoorDash is teaming up with creative independent agency GUT Los Angeles to help kids get their moms and mother figures flowers. 

Kid’s often don’t have the means to buy gifts so the agency created a sweepstakes, billed as a flower auction, that children (and their guardians) can enter for a chance to win “kid currency” that can used to buy a bouquet of flowers. 



Here’s How it Works: 

  • From May 12th - May 13th across Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, be on the lookout for a post from DoorDash inviting kids (via their parental figures or guardians) to send in their “bids” to the “Flower Auction” in the form of pictures and videos of their most (or least) prized possessions in exchange for a bouquet.  

  • Simply post a photo of your child’s “bid” on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter and tag @DoorDash with the hashtags #KidCurrency and #Sweepstakes and you’ve entered the auction! 

  • DoorDash will randomly select 400 entries to receive a promo code for $75 off to use in the DoorDash app on an order of flowers. 

  • Just in time for the holiday Mom will receive a bouquet of flowers delivered straight to her door. 

To complete the purchase of a flower bouquet users go to the DoorDash app and click into the Flowers tile at the top of the app to explore available florists and their offerings or type ‘flowers’ into the search bar.  

“As a mom of 8-year-old twins, I’m no stranger to having to buy my own gifts sometimes,” said Mariota Essery, Executive Creative Director at DoorDash. “Since kids may not always have the money to buy a gift, we wanted to tap into the one thing they always have: creativity. We created this campaign as a way to not only foster young creativity and let it bloom, but to also ensure all moms and mother figures get flowers this Mother’s Day.” 


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