Barometer, ArtsAI Team To Increase In-Campaign Visibility For Podcast Advertisers

A new partnership between Barometer, an AI-powered solution for podcast advertising and Arts AI, an AI-driven optimization company serving agencies and marketers, will allow advertisers to monitor ad buys in-flight.

The new product, AB Daily, mean metrics and brand suitability are measured by one tool.

Announced at the IAB Podcast Upfront, AB Daily delivers in-campaign monitoring on where ads run and determines if the podcast episodes align with brand safety standards in real time.  

The tool is compatible with direct and programmatic podcast buys.

“Publishers and advertisers can now use something like the ‘full stack’ of podcast advertising, gaining visibility into signals that have previously been unavailable at this daily, episode-level resolution,” said Tamara Zubatiy, CEO of Barometer.



She added the features lets advertisers “fine-tune their podcast safety and suitability standards, based on combinations of custom factors including genre, context, host sentiment and more.”

AB-Daily can be used in conjunction with or independently from both Barometer’s AI-Powered Media Planning Platform and ArtsAI’s suite of AI-driven measurement solutions.

Maria Tullin, SVP, managing director, performance audio at Horizon Media, said the partnership will unlock “new opportunities to test and gauge performance in environments that our clients can be confident in.”

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