Digital Media Vet Tim Mahlman Joins As CEO

Veteran digital media and technology exec Tim Mahlman has joined as CEO, replacing Founder Nick Jordan, who transitions to a strategic role inside the data collaboration platform.

Mahlman, who joins from president of Petabyte Technology, which was acquired by online pet food marketer Chewy late last year, previously held senior management positions at Verizon Media and AOL.

Narrative is a seven-year-old player in the rapidly evolving data management industry, including collaboration, marketplace and clean room services and platforms that are becoming increasingly vital for brands and agencies looking to append and enhance consumer identities.

A data collaboration platform is a forward-thinking tool designed to streamline secure and efficient data sharing and analysis. Its key strength lies in its user-friendly design, making it an accessible and valuable resource for any business user, regardless of their technical expertise," says Sarah Fay, a former media agency executive who is a partner at Boston-based VC firm Glasswing Ventures, which includes Narrative among its portfolio companies.

"One of the platform's fundamental components is a 'cleanroom' environment. This provides a secure space for data operations, safeguarding sensitive information while allowing for essential collaborative tasks," Fay continues, adding, "A standout feature of the data collaboration platform is its data marketplace.

"This marketplace acts as a hub for users to access a diverse array of data resources. It simplifies the process of finding, evaluating, and utilizing data, making it accessible and practical for users at all levels of business. The marketplace functionally democratizes data access, supporting users in leveraging data to enhance their business strategies and drive successful outcomes."

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