Amazon Scores First-Ever 'Best-In-Class' Retail Media Network Ranking

While it gets low grades for the media opportunities it provides, Amazon nonetheless is the first retail media network ever to to rank "best-in-class," according to the "Retail Media Report Card" published by The Mars Agency.

The May 2023 edition of the report card, the third published so far by Mars, now assesses 15 retail media networks, up from 13 in its January edition, and up from 10 in its benchmark report published in August 2022.

“In full disclosure, Amazon ranks poorly in our evaluation of media opportunities,” the agency notes, explaining that Amazon’s retail media network rates so highly in its four other performance areas that it earned Mars’ first-ever crown.

The report card, which utilizes 65 explicit criteria to rank retail media networks across five primary performance categories: targeting, measurement/reporting, media opportunities, innovation and partnership.



In terms of targeting, the report singles out Amazon’s “closed-loop measurement,” including its ability to “retarget shoppers across their connected media ecosystem,” as well as its measurement/reporting and innovation deliveries.

In terms of media opportunities, only two of the networks – Walgreens and Best Buy – earned scores for “exceeding expectations” among the 15 networks rated by Mars.

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