Women-Led Broad Disrupts By Telling The Truth

The agency’s motto is catchy: “We tell your truth, the whole truth, and nothing but your truth, so help me Broad.”

In just two years, they disrupted the status quo.

Launched in 2021 by Kristen Sachs and Hannah Dillon, the Philadelphia-based shop is a shout-out to the city street and a tougher name for women. That’s critical, since the women-owned, women-led Broad is a rarity. Or, as it's now known, broad.agency, housed in a new space in the Philly's Queen Village neighborhood. The business has grown, but the philosophy — High Standards, Low Ego — remains.

Broad now counts Hungryroot, Catalyte, Project Bread, AIA Philadelphia/Center for Architecture and Design, Alliance HP, Everland, Brine Street Picklery among its client roster.



"We know that only .1% of agencies are founded by women, and only 3% of agencies have women in creative director roles — even though women drive 70% to 80% of consumer purchases in the U.S. We sit at the unique intersection of being both women and creative director-owned — in other words, broad-owned, Kristen Sachs told Agency Daily.

"To us, the word "broad" says it all. We own our female intuition as an undeniable strength, we shoot people straight, and we're unapologetically bold, both in our style and the work we do on behalf of our wonderful clients. We found that when you tell the truth, you reap the benefits," she added.

Broad built a full-service branding agency — strategy, digital, creative and brand identity — with a singular mission: A supportive environment where the duo has always wanted to work.

The agency just launched work for Catalyte, a company that owns its truth and is rewriting the story of America's antiquated and outdated hiring system. 

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