ArcSpan Tool Helps Publishers Monetize Direct-Sold And Programmatic Ad Sales

ArcSpan Technologies has launched a tool the company says can help publishers monetize their direct sold and programmatic ad deals.

The new tool, called ArcSpan AMS, is a first-party data management platform (DMP) for large and mid-sized advertising-driven publishers.  

ArcSpan AMS can operate as a standalone DMP or can be configured with a company’s existing data tech.

The goal is to help publishers who feel their existing technology fails to meet their monetization priorities for direct-sold and programmatic advertising.

“Publishers are frustrated seeing that their adtech processes often result in as much as 70% of their audiences left unaddressable to support potential buyer demand,” says Arthur Muldoon, CEO and co-founder of ArcSpan.

ArcSpan AMS delivers audience addressability and monetization tools to address these issues, the company says.



According to ArcSpan, AMS provides these capabilities:

  • Audience data processing—ArcSpan’s data processor ingests customer’s first party data along with its custom audience attention metrics, syndicated consumer and demographic data attributes and other cross-channel data feeds.
  • Audience building and machine learning data intelligence—ArcSpan provides contextual and behavioral audience cohort building tools suite and 10+ machine learning data models. 
  • Direct sold and programmatic deal results—The platform engages customized and automated cross-channel audiences via integrated SSPs / DSPs that support direct sold and programmatic deals and alignment with demand sources.

“The transition towards first-party data places publishers at a revenue crossroads which presents an opportunity,” adds Garret Vreeland, chief commercial officer and co-founder of ArcSpan. “Legacy DMPs and revenue ops technology have not kept pace with where the industry is headed.”


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