MullenLowe Unveils New Global Identity


MullenLowe unveiled its new global identity and a refreshed positioning, created to unite the network across 57 markets globally. 

An octopus logo is still in the picture—many of them actually-- but the “Challenger” logo that debuted in 2016 with battle-ready boxing gloves has been retired.  



The new octopus is a more abstract creature and the agency has developed dozens of versions as a metaphor for being fluid and able to adapt—a must for brands who hope to be around for a while.  

“Our mascot offers the perfect metaphor,” Kristen Cavallo, CEO of MullenLowe Global.  The octopus has survived over 300 million years precisely because of its fluidity and ability to adapt. It is the only organism that routinely self-edits its own DNA—a model for how brands should behave today.” 

The agency said the new positioning is underpinned by research revealing that innovative brands grow at twice the pace of their competitors, and brands that continue to innovate grow even faster. 

The new brand identity was created by MullenLowe U.S. and led by head of design, João Paz. “We want to challenge the way brands show up in the world,” said Paz. “Our octopus is not afraid of change--it’s in its nature, its DNA. We embraced that with a fully generative identity, crafted to show personalization at scale.” 

Employees are encouraged to design their own versions using a generative app. “We want the design system to reflect who we are and allow each person who’s part of MullenLowe to make their own mark,” says Paz. The app allows users to customize the octopus for email signatures, social and profile icons, and even the background of an Apple Watch.  

The fluid octopus is paired with a bespoke wordmark that is “stark, reliable, and firm in its logical Serif treatment,” according to the agency, which that it “grounds the funkiness of the octopus, combining emotion with reason. While the octopus welcomes the new, the wordmark pays tribute to the past and the agency’s long-standing heritage.” 

The identity has rolled out across the agency’s communications touchpoints, including the website and social media. It will be splashed across office walls and designed into new merchandise.  

“This is more than just a logo redesign,” says Cavallo. “We have a point of view on how brands grow, and we built our identity and voice to reflect that belief. In a rapidly changing world, more of the same is not the path to long-term success. Brands need to earn and continually defend their unfair share of attention,”  

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