Subaru Donates Vehicles For EMS Training

Subaru of America recently donated dozens of pre-production vehicles to the North American Vehicle Rescue Association for training exercises.

The three-day rescue workshop session and competition in Chester, Pennsylvania supports training for emergency responders and offers a second life to cars that would have otherwise been crushed.

First responders from six fire departments attended the event, which included live rescue scenarios with real “victims” using lifesaving tools. 

The association provides education and training for firefighters, first responders, paramedics, nurses, physicians, manufacturers and other related groups. 

The event took place at Subaru Park and featured a two-day workshop on skills and tactics, as well as a mini rescue challenge. The event marked the first time that the training has taken place in the Northeast.



The group’s mission is to reduce the number of motor-vehicle-related injuries and deaths by enhancing the skills and knowledge of expertly trained emergency professionals, says John-Paul Shirley, Chester Bureau of Fire Battalion Chief.

“We normally only have the opportunity to train on older vehicles from junkyards, and it’s important that we are familiar with newer vehicles with strong construction to help us better adapt lifesaving procedures and skills when dealing with accidents and emergency scenarios,” Shirley says in a release.

This event marked the 145th vehicle that Subaru has donated to emergency rescue organizations across the country over the last few years to help with their training events, said Shira Haaz, corporate responsibility manager at Subaru of America, Inc.




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