PR Platform Cision Issues AI Code Of Ethics

Cision, the media communications platform through which marketers and public relations people deliver information to journalists, has unveiled a code of ethics tied to its development of AI-driven capabilities.  

“The transformative power of AI has already impacted many aspects of communications, enabling us to better understand our audiences, craft more effective messaging and automate time-consuming tasks,” says Antony Cousins, executive director of AI strategy at Cision. “However, we must acknowledge that along with these benefits come potential risks to accuracy, privacy, fairness, transparency and equality.” 

Cision must ensure that “our AI solutions not only serve the needs of all our clients, but also avoid any unfair discrimination, violation of personal privacy or amplification of misinformation,” Cousins adds.  

Cision lists these ethical measures: 

  • Rigorous testing, validation, and ongoing monitoring to minimize potential harm. 
  • Privacy protection and security of client information.  
  • Transparent documentation and explanation of AI objectives, potential risks, and mitigations.
  • Commitment to maintaining human oversight while targeting and eliminating bias where possible.  



Cisions recently worked with the UK Government on its recently published whitepaper on AI regulation and has answered the U.S. Government’s request for contributions to its AI regulation plans, the company says.


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