'All Access,' Which Covered Radio, Is Closing In August

All Access, which for 28 years has covered the radio industry, will close on August 15th due to economic headwinds. 

"This is without question the saddest and most heartbreaking moment of my professional life to have to tell you that ALLACCESS.COM will cease publishing and will be going out of business,” said Joel Denver, publisher. 

Denver acknowledged “The dollars are just not there to support our operation and staff any longer.” 

However, Denver added, “"Closing All Access doesn't mean that I am retiring from the business. I will take a moment to catch my breath and focus on new horizons and opportunities.



Denver continued, “We have been blessed with wonderful partnerships and have created many valuable services for all parts of the radio and music businesses and have the support of nearly 100,000 active users.”

In addition, Denver said, ““I hope that you will give all of our All Access team members a good strong look as well at new opportunities -- they are the best of the best, and I will provide a glowing recommendation for all.”



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