New AI Tool Can Determine If Press Releases Are Newsworthy, Firm Claims

Zen Media, a B2B marketing and public relations firm, has debuted an AI-powered tool the company claims can help press release senders determine if the announcement is newsworthy. 

The new complimentary offering, called Snooze or News, can also provide creative suggestions and corrections. 

The goal is to provide firms with “the necessary resources to communicate effectively and get their message to the audiences that matter most to their business,” says Shama Hyder, founder and CEO of Zen Media. 

The interface allows users to upload press releases and benefit from artificial intelligence algorithms trained to scan and analyze all aspects of the content, the company claims. 

Advancing beyond basic grammatical corrections, Snooze or News features personalized suggestions on targeting an audience of relevant media outlets, Zen Media claims. 

Looking forward, such an instrument might well be applied at publications to determine the newsworthiness of content. For that matter, journalists might use it to decide whether a press release is worth covering. 



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