LiveRead Launches Ad-Tech Platform To Deliver Financial Transparency just debuted an ad-tech platform for podcast creators and networks, brands and ad agencies. The software claims to simplify video and audio podcast advertising to lower costs and boost efficiency.

LiveRead’s focus is to streamline media plans and insertion orders and automate ad copy delivery, centralizing key actions to deliver transparency on a client's financial matters.

Early podcast users include "The Always Sunny Podcast" (Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Rob McElhenney), "Good for You" (Whitney Cummings), and "The Basement Yard" (Joe Santagato).

Brands utilizing the new service include BlueChew, Miracle Brand and Magic Spoon, while two ad agencies — Adopter Media and Flagrant Media Group — are also on board.

"LiveRead has simplified all of our campaign management pain points. It’s super-intuitive and easy to use,” said Jamiel Hibbert, head of partnerships at Flagrant Media Group.



"Podcast advertisers usually pay two-to-three months late, and every podcast network I’ve worked with uses a single Google sheet to keep track of our entire ad schedule, financials, and payment statuses," said Andrew Santino, host of "Bad Friends" and "Whiskey Ginger." “Now we are consistently getting paid promptly."

By automating business elements, LiveRead frees up content creators to focus on their creative output.

Alex Aldea, founder-CEO of LiveRead, previously worked at Midroll Media, now part of Sirius XM. In 2013, he founded The Paragon Collective podcast network, whose slate of podcasts includes "The 85 South Show" and Bill Maher's "Club Random."

Mike Perrigue, LiveRead Chief Technology Officer, said: “We are offering every podcaster, network, brand and agency dynamic pricing in order to be available for anyone who could use LiveRead to improve their podcast advertising experience."

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