Elon Musk Asked To Donate Twitter Bird

A pro bono effort for the World Parrot Trust includes a plea for Elon Musk to donate the now-retired Twitter blue bird logo to the group in support of its conservation efforts. 

The group made the appeal via a post on the X social media network purchased by Musk. The creative concept is tied to the recent rebranding decision by Musk, resulting in the potential disappearance of the beloved Twitter blue bird from public consciousness.

The effort aims to rally support for the preservation of the endangered Lear’s Macaw through a video featuring the bird making a direct plea. 

The call to action also encourages supporters to participate by following @ParrotTrust, resharing the campaign message, and tagging @elonmusk with the hashtag #LetTheBlueBirdFly. 



The Lear’s Macaw is listed as an endangered bird in the wild that is threatened by habitat loss, hunting, and the wild bird trade. There are believed to be less than 1,700 in existence.

The campaign was developed in association with Conill, WPT’s communications partner.

“This is the kind of project that is particularly gratifying for our teams. It's an opportunity to do good in the world for a noble purpose," says Veronica Elizondo, chief creative officer, Conill.

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