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Candy Brand Trolli Joins The Game With PUBG: Battleground Collab

Ferrera gummy candy brand Trolli is hoping its new marketing collaboration with popular battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds will stick with gamers.

The effort launched this week and will run through December, blending real-world and in-game elements.

Four limited-edition Trolli x PUBG packs featuring characters from the game will be sold at retailers nationwide, with purchases also coming with the potential to unlock exclusive in-game content. Beginning Sept. 1, each  purchase will come with one of four Trolli character skins, allowing players to suit up with a neon Trolli outfit and join the Trolli “Sour Brite Squad” within the game.

Trolli also has big event marketing plans for PAX West at the Seattle Convention Center – the largest video and tabletop gaming convention in the U.S., according to a Trolli representative. For the event – which runs from Sept. 1-4 – the brand is teaming up with YouTube creator and gamer Hew Morgan to create content and engage with fans to promote the exclusive Trolli x PUBG skins.



There’s also a real-life scavenger hunt offering attendees the opportunity to get first access to in-game content via real-life versions of the PUBG crates they expect to find in the game. Four Trolli–themed crates will be placed throughout Seattle, with players able to see their approximate location on physical maps available in the PAX West lobby. Each crate contains a scannable QR code allowing participants to unlock Trolli in-game skins for free, and encouraging them to join Trolli’s “Sour Brite Squad.”

The initiative represents Trolli’s investment in appealing to what the company recognize as an important, and sizable portion of its core audience.

"More than 50% of Trolli consumers identify as avid gamers, so we know that our Trolli brand is closely connected to the culture," Trolli Brand Manager Hope Hruska explained in a statement.  "We're always looking for unexpected ways to show up for the gaming community.”

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