Squarespace To Customers: 'Sell' Yourself

Squarespace, a website building and hosting company based in New York, has just released its latest spot, created in-house.

The campaign is running across display, audio and video channels globally. 

The "Designed to Sell" campaign highlights what can be sold online — from acting workshops to avant-garde hairstyles to self-defense to underwater photography classes.

The highly stylized spot displays various sites that illustrate the infinite variety of possibilities Squarespace can build. Whether personal or business, it offers users customized projects and expertise.

"This campaign illustrates how design is the ultimate competitive advantage — and while design has always been a focus for Squarespace, we also used it here to nod to the growing number of customers on our platform selling services," Ben Hughes, vice president of creative at Squarespace,told Agency Daily. "This was built for a global audience, so we intentionally avoided dialogue and voiceover to let the visuals tell a story that would resonate across different markets and product verticals."



"The Singularity," the company's latest Super Bowl ad in February, starred Adam Driver with the tag: "A Website That Makes Websites."

Founded in 2004 in a University of Maryland dorm room, Squarespace had more than 4 million subscriptions as of November 2022, per CNBC.

The company issued an IPO in May 2021 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as SQSP.

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