New 4A's Partnership To Help Agencies Reduce Carbon Footprints

The 4As today announced a partnership with London-based climate platform 51toCarbonZero to help member agencies establish their carbon footprint.  

51-0 helps companies measure, analyze and report their carbon footprint and create accountable transition plans to accelerate progress.  

As part of the agreement, 4A’s members receive discounted access to a cloud-based tool developed by the climate platform to better understand their emissions. Agencies will also have access to its team of climate experts.  



"Incorporating sustainability into agency decision-making should be an imperative across the advertising and marketing industry today,” stated 4A’s CEO Marla Kaplowitz. 

The announcement was timed to the ongoing Climate Week NYC.

Alison Pepper, EVP, government relations & sustainability, 4A's, added, "With the recent passage of California's historic emissions disclosure law and efforts by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it's clear that lawmakers and regulators see the importance of companies establishing baseline carbon footprints, and then working to reduce those numbers." 

The partners said the 51-0 platform will streamline the process for the 4As to create an audit-ready carbon footprint and craft a credible net-zero plan to help achieve progress.  

Data is accessible through a dashboard that can be used to generate reports in line with the disclosure standards expected by advertisers and investors. 

Also offered are decarbonization recommendations and a set of tools to engage employees and monitor progress.  

Word of the partnership arrived the same day that Clean Creatives announced its latest F-List of agencies that have contracts to promote fossil fuel companies and activities, also timed to Climate Week NYC.  


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