Emails On The Menu: Restaurants That Send Them Get More Business

Consumers order more often from restaurants that send them regular marketing messages. And the format they like the most is email, according to a new study from HungerRush, conducted by Dynata.

Of the diners polled, 60% prefer email over other channels, and 63% save email messages, while 82% have made a purchase because of an email or text from a restaurant, either in-store or via takeout. 

Email is popular among all age groups: Boomers (60%), Gen X (67%), Millennials (64%), and Gen Z (60%) saving email coupons more than physical mailers and text messages

Moreover, 71% overall opt in to marketing communications. And 55% of those who receive messages (whether emails, mailers, and text messages) will dine at or order from that from restaurant within the next month. 

Why do people opt in? Because they:

  • Believe they will be rewarded for frequent visits — 45%
  • Sign up to get a discount on their first or future visit — 27%
  • Want updates or seasonal menu items — 10%



They like promotions: 62% are more likely to visit a restaurant within one week of receiving an offering.

Now this all sounds very promising for a restaurant industry recovering from the pandemic. But restaurants need data in order to personalize offerings and send emails that are accurate and in the right frequency. They have to stay front of mind without annoying people. 

“Inflation and economic uncertainty are heavily impacting consumer decisions on where and how often they eat out,” says Olivier Thierry, CRO of HungerRush. “Meanwhile, with more options available to consumers, it’s increasingly difficult for restaurants to capture customer attention and bring them back for more.”

Among consumers, 26% receive one or two marketing messages from restaurants per week, and they apparently like it that way. Another 32 hear from multiple brands for a total of three to five communications per week. And 18% get six or more weekly messages. 

Almost 40% are not using third-party delivery apps. 

Also, they like fast casual or quick-service restaurants, visiting them:

  • At least once a month — 92%
  • Four to six times a month — 32%
  • Seven or more times per month — 22%

Dynata surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers in August 2023. 

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