IAB Launches Multi State Privacy Accountability Certification

IAB has established a voluntary accountability program for ad-tech companies as part of its Multi-State Privacy Agreement (MSPA) compliance framework.

The MSPA is an industry-level contractual framework designed to help advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad-tech companies comply with state privacy laws by providing a common set of privacy terms that meets the requirements of all state privacy laws.

Through the new accountability program, ad-tech companies that have signed the MSPA can earn an “MSPA Certified” seal by demonstrating how they comply with the requirements.



The certification is meant to provide assurance to other participants in the MSPA, and to regulators, that an MSPA signatory is performing the contractual requirements.

“Those earning the MSPA Certified seal will not only benefit from being acknowledged as putting privacy first but can also tout to their partners that their participation helps meet partner diligence obligations mandated under applicable law,” said Michael Hahn, executive vice president, general counsel, IAB and IAB Tech Lab.

To qualify for voluntary certification, MSPA signatories must be assessed through a process that includes a questionnaire and interviews.

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