Cookie Draw-Down: How It Will Affect Advertisers And Publishers

Digital advertisers are facing a looming crisis — the phasing out of third-party cookies. Publishers would be well advised to help them prepare, emphasizing contextual advertising and first-party data. 

Senior digital marketers are confident that they are ready for the change. But not junior executives, who are in the trenches, according to Navigating the Privacy-First Landscape, a study by Fyllo.  

For instance, 88% of C-suite denizens and 78% of CEOs feel their current targeting solutions can operate without cookies. But only 62% of VP/director-level executives agree.  

In addition, 89% of CEOs and 97% of C-suite executives hope to increase the number of partners they are working with, versus 57% of SVPs. 

Overall, more than 80% expect to increase their marketing budgets in the coming year, and even higher percentages at all levels plan to add new channels to their media mix.  

But they still have numerous worries.  



One of the big issues confronting advertisers is attribution. Again, those at the top seem sanguine about it — 30% of CEOs and SVPs list it as their top concern. 

But 86% of SVPs say it is their main worry.  

The different levels are more in sync when it comes to targeting and addressability: 46% of CEOs, 36% of C-suite executives and 48% of managers list it as a primary post-cookie concern.  

And most seem to agree that they have sufficient first-party data: 84% of CEOS, 79% of C-suite leaders, 85% of SVPs, 74% of VP/directors and 86% of managers. 

What’s more, most say they have experimented with data clean rooms to activate their first-party data with various partners, including 92% of CEOs, 94% of C-suite residents, 71% of SVPs, 74% of VP/directors and 84% of managers.  

The takeaway for publishers (and everyone)?

The impending disappearance of third-party tracking cookies has “stirred significant concerns and opportunities within the advertising industry,” the study says. “The transition from cookie-based audience targeting to contextual targeting has become a central focus for advertisers as they seek privacy-compliant alternatives.”

Fyllo surveyed 201 decision makers responsible for digital advertising budgets in September 2023. 



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