Fallon, Ludacris Help State Farm Launch 'Magic' Campaign

State Farm is about to break its biggest campaign in three years featuring the first work for the insurance brand from Chicago-based independent agency Highdive.  

The campaign, dubbed, “The Right Kind of Magic,” launches later this week across broadcast, streaming, digital, social and radio.   



The creative plays off what the agency calls “the very real human truth that when people are faced with unexpected situations, they aren’t sure how to react and might say, ‘Are you joking?’ or ‘This is ludicrous!’"  

The new series of ads features Jake from State Farm and well-known celebrities — including late-night host Jimmy Fallon and rapper/actor Ludacris — who remind people that in these situations exclaiming these phrases won’t help. What will help is singing the State Farm Jingle, which in the fantasy world of these ads makes Jake appear to save the day.    

“'Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there’ is at the heart of our brand and our mission to help,” says Kristyn Cook, chief agency, sales and marketing officer for State Farm. “Our new campaign uses this recognizable brand asset to tell our story. And by collaborating with top celebrities and athletes, our brand can show up at the intersection of sports and culture. That’s where the ‘magic’ happens.”   

The first two spots in the campaign include, “You’re Joking” which debuts Thanksgiving Day. It features a teenage girl who yells, “Are you joking?” when her dad gifts her a new car. Suddenly Fallon appears. He realizes the new car owner doesn’t need jokes but help with new car insurance and sings the State Farm jingle to make Jake from State Farm magically appear.    

“This Is Ludacrous,” debuting this Friday, includes a couple returning home to find their faucet is on the fritz and flooding their kitchen. They yell out, “This is ludicrous!”, which makes Ludacris appear. He agrees with the couple’s assessment, then belts out the jingle prompting Jake from State Farm to appear on the scene.   

Chad Broude, co-founder and co-chief creative officer at Highdive, says that, “More than a jingle, State Farm commercials educate people about insurance and the value of the agent to help them recover from the unexpected."   

The next wave of the campaign will coincide with the NBA, WNBA and NCAA season, featuring work from Highdive and Translation premiering on Christmas day. 


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