Gannett Joins Network To Reduce Risk Of Patent-Troll Litigation

Gannett Co., Inc. has joined LOT Network, a patent licensing platform and non-profit community of global companies, the purpose of which is to protect members against frivolous patent assertion entities (PAEs) litigation. 

The membership will reduce the risk of costly patent-troll lawsuits, Gannett says.

“Protecting our brand against PAE lawsuits is crucial to keeping our resources focused solely on innovation and driving revenue,” says Polly Sack, chief legal counsel for Gannett. 

Sack continues, “Gannett is joining a network of members that believe the patent process is integral to the ongoing protection of a company and is essential for future growth and development.”

 “We’re thrilled that Gannett joins our more than four thousand members in protecting innovation,” adds Ken Seddon, CEO LOT Network. “Their membership signals to the market not only their proactive approach to IP, but their commitment to protecting the media ecosystem.”





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