GoDaddy's Template For Email: SMBs Need Automation To Drive Messaging

GoDaddy is mostly known for helping users build websites. But it has taken a stab at automating email for small  businesses with a service called Email Automation for Websites + Marketing. 

The goal is to streamline the email communications process, giving SMBs “a more professional touch and adding value to their customer experience,” says Eric Johnson, senior product manager for GoDaddy.

Do small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with GoDaddy websites really need help with email?  

Perhaps -- and it may signal a market need. GoDaddy cites statistics showing that 55% of consumers cite email as their preferred channel for business communications.

But let's take a look. 



The new tool allows businesses to trigger email communications, using automated templates, the company claims. These “intuitive” templates support:

  • Welcome emails for subscribers and new customers
  • Commerce emails for confirmations, shipments and cancellations
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Abandoned cart emails

Plus, SMBS can personalize these automated emails with the recipient’s name, phone, email, and other personal details. And they can be customized to reflect the brand’s color scheme, imagery and tone of voice. 

“Sending the right message at the right time to the right audience is key to standing out in your customers inbox,” says Johnson.

To use this solution, customers need to log in to their account, click the connections option, then go to automations, GoDaddy advises.




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