Email Gear: New Tool Is Designed To Help Brands Measure Performance

SocketLabs, an email service provider that appears to hover at the low end of the ESP usage list, has launched a stand-alone email reporting tool.

The new offering, SocketLabs Spotlight, is available as an add-on feature for email senders. 

“There isn’t any reporting tool available to businesses today to actually guide them toward the meaningful decisions to improve their email performance,” says Louis Driving Hawk, head of product and growth at SocketLabs. 

The goal is to help senders “stop flying blind with data that provides little actionable insight,” Driving Hawk adds. 

Spotlight offers a view into an email program’s StreamScore -- a score built on more than 35 data points. StreamScores are comprised of four performance categories.

SocketLabs Spotlight is now available for senders using Twilio SendGrid. Sinch Mailgun users will have access in the coming months, and Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), MessageBird senders will gain access later in the year.



“Before now, SocketLabs senders were the only ones with access to our reporting suite, says Bill Volz, co-founder and CTO at SocketLabs. 

But Volz adds: “Customers of other ESPs will be able to funnel data into our reporting tool to get more value from the data they’re currently getting without needing to migrate providers.”

According to Sinch Mailgun, the most-utilized ESPs are:

  • Gmail — 72.1%
  • Outlook (Hotmail, MSN) — 33.7%
  • Yahoo Mail — 20.3%
  • Apple Mail — 7.4%


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