It's Almost Valentine's Day. Have You Hugged Your Plumber Lately?

About the last thing I associate with Valentine’s Day is my plumber. But agency Doe-Anderson wants to change that.  

The agency is out with a new social campaign for client Roto-Rooter and the shop is trying to make the case that Valentine’s Day is “no longer just about your significant other. It’s about showing the critical people in your life just how much you care.”  



Like plumbers. Personally, I feel like I show how much I care by paying my bill in a timely manner.  

But the agency suggests that maybe I should adjust my attitude a wee bit.  

One video in the campaign features images of those little heart-shaped candies with plumbing-related musings on them, like “Nice Pipes,” and ‘You Make Me Flush.” With gentle guitar music in the background, a bunch of those little hearts come together and form a bigger heart as the name “Roto-Rooter” appears in the center of it. 


My wife and I are going out to a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day. She’s a foodie. Me? Not so much. But hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m sacrificing. I hope she feels the love. 

And our waiter? I’ll tip them handsomely. Maybe even a little more than I would if it wasn’t Valentine’s Day. They’ll definitely feel the love. No gentle background guitar music necessary.  


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