Regina Hall Voices First New Lean Cuisine Campaign In 4 Years


The voice of support customers hear when shopping for a quick, healthy meal isn’t inside their heads, it’s inside the freezer. It’s also Regina Hall.

The environment surrounding food and wellness has evolved a lot in the roughly four years since Lean Cuisine last ran a new ad campaign. So the brand turned to the actress  Regina Hall to lend a supporting voice to its “You Have Good Taste” campaign, which introduces the Nestlé brand’s new creative platform.

“In a cluttered environment surrounding the weight management conversation, consumers’ attitudes and regimes continue to change. With that, Lean Cuisine wants to meet consumers where they are in their weight management journey with a refreshed approach through the look and tone of this campaign that supports and motivates, judgment-free,” Lean Cuisine vice president of marketing Jenn Barnes told Marketing Daily.



The brand decided Hall was the right partner for the effort due to her body positive perspective, sense of humor, and engaging presence, Barnes explained, as well as her star power from roles in movies and TV shows like “Girls Trip" and “Black Monday.”

Across a series of ads, grocery store shoppers open the freezer door and are surprised to hear Hall’s voice hyping them up for their selection and telling them they have good taste. The ads will run across broadcast, digital and social platforms. The creative onscreen was the result of a “social experiment” where real shoppers reaching for Lean Cuisine heard Hall’s positive messages seemingly from inside the freezer itself, according to the brand.

Barnes said the look and tone of the campaign differentiated Lean Cuisine from other brands in the category.

“In a weight management space filled with so much negativity, this campaign was crafted to reshape such perceptions because it’s so much harder to take care of yourself when you feel discouraged,” Barnes told Marketing Daily.

“With our first ad in four years, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering and motivating our customers to make the right choices for themselves,” Barnes added. “Regardless of the path they choose, our message remains clear: we're here to offer encouragement."

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