Distrust In Media Is High, Survey Shows

Here is more proof of something that many already suspected: fewer people trust the national media than those who do not, according to a survey by The Center Square.  

Of the individuals polled, 11% find the media very trustworthy and 32% find it somewhat trustworthy.

But they are outweighed by the 34% who say the media is very untrustworthy and by 20% who agree somewhat.

Only 31% feel the media will cover all election candidates fairly. 

In addition, the study found that 36% of likely voters were confident that the "media will provide enough context for voters to understand their choices,” while 60% were not. And, 42% feel the media will report on issues that matter most to them.  

Yet 47% of individuals in the 18-34 age range trust the media, while say they 46% distrust it.



Mistrust rises with age -- 57% of those in the 65+ cohort lack trust.  

In addition, 63% of Democrats trust the national news media, compared to 24% of Republicans and 35% of independents.  

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is trusted by 56%, while 20% say they trust it very much.

The U.S. presidency is trusted by 54%. However, the House of Representatives is trusted by only 41% and the Senate by 46%. Distrust in both chambers is higher. Yet 59% trust their state legislatures. 

Working with Noble Predictive Insights, The Center Square surveyed 2,510 respondents -- roughly split between parties -- in March 2024.

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