Podcast Listeners Like Dynamic Personalized Ads, Study Shows

Most consumers like podcast ads tailored to their personal interests, judging by a study from AMA. 

Of the listeners polled, 80% prefer personalized ads and 20% desire hyper-personalized ads that address their interests and listening habits. 

Moreover, 42% say the podcast ads they are already hearing are either very or somewhat relevant. 

“Ad relevance is more than just a convenience; it directly leads to purchases,” says Steve Dunlop, founder and CEO of AMA. “The study’s findings reinforce that dynamic creative both enhances brand impact, and aligns with listener preferences.”

As to format, 38% prefer pre-recorded ads done by someone other than the podcast host. In addition, 42% pre-roll ads at the start of the podcast, 33% favor mid-roll ads, and one-quarter are inclined towards post-roll ads at the end. 

There is a strong link between social media use and podcast discovery. YouTube leads with 61%, followed by Facebook (46%), Instagram (43%), Twitter (20%), LinkedIn (9%) and TikTok (39%).



The study also reveals “the potential for programmatic advertising to transform podcasting, inviting major advertisers to engage at scale,” Dunlap adds. “By embracing this evolution, we're not just reaching audiences but genuinely engaging them -- marking a new chapter in digital audio advertising."

AMA, a provider of dynamic creative for digital audio advertising, surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers in January 2024. 


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