In-Stadium Billboards Quicken Pace Of Brazilian Soccer


Doesn’t it seem like we’re living in a hurry-up-ASAP-I-want-it-yesterday kind of world? 

Thank you digital. And Amazon. What would we do without you? 

And that quick-as-a-bunny mindset is just going to get worse—or better—depending on your point of view, thanks to Generative AI.  



And now, the quick-minded folks at ecommerce platform Mercado Livre, the Amazon of Latin America, have come up with a way to pick up the pace at soccer games in Brazil, utilizing in-stadium billboards. The company worked with agency Gut Sao Paulo on the project 

The billboards, situated near the corners of the pitch at Maracanã Stadium in Sao Paulo were fitted with mechanisms that spit out a soccer ball to a player ready to make a corner kick.  

According to the companies the set up gets the ball to the player making the kick 5 seconds faster than ball boys alone do. They’re positioning the effort as an improvement in “fan experience” and a reminder of the commerce company’s focus on speedy deliveries.  

Depending on which statistics you believe the average number of corner kicks in a match is somewhere between 5 and 10. So that might mean up to nearly a minute more action per match. 

Off course the best fan experience is victory. There’s no fixing that. Well, legally anyway.

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