The Lincoln Project's 2017 Eclipse Flashback: 'Remember This Idiot'?

The Lincoln Project put out a not-so-subtle reminder today of Donald Trump’s reckless behavior during the last solar eclipse in 2017, during his first year in office.  

Trump made headlines by defiantly and repeatedly looking up at the eclipse without protective eyewear. Experts say doing so can lead to severe harm to the retinas and even blindness in some cases. I wonder how many people sustained serious eye damage following his example? 



“We’re dong everything we can to make sure he doesn’t eclipse 270 [electoral votes] in November,” the LP said in an email blast. 

LP noted it is launching its largest ad buy so far this year, to swing voters in Arizona and Wisconsin. 

But Trump isn’t avoiding eclipse-related activity in a bid to distance himself from his 2017 gaffe.  

In fact yesterday, he released an odd eclipse-themed video on Truth Social where a profile of his head replaces the moon as the object eclipsing the sun. “We will save America and make it great again,” a graphic reads as Trump’s head rises, blocking out the sunlight.  

Yikes, another four years of darkness? That’s a scary thought. Crowds in the video didn’t think so, though. They were whooping it up big time. 

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