Gmail, Take An Email: New Voice Prompt Allows Users To Draft Messages

Gmail Workspace users have a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that will allow them to avoid typing out an email.

Users can now dictate their message verbally with the use of the tool -- Help Me Write voice prompts.

Consumers need only to dictate the message, and Google Gemini for Workspace will do the rest.

In another new offering, Help Me Write will help them polish the draft. 

As Android Authority states, users will find they are doing less typing than before. 

The voice function was rumored to be coming in January, and was unveiled at the Cloud Next conference this week. 

According to Google, the feature is available to users on work accounts through the Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business add-ons, and to users on personal accounts through Google One AI Premium.



It is not clear how this will help email marketers. For one thing, it can be used only on mobile. Copywriters can potentially spare their fingers, but it does not seem like a good fit for bulk email senders. 

But perhaps it will be. When Google debuted Help Me Write last year, it said: “Whether you are a recruiter drafting a customized job description or an account executive drafting a sales pitch, Help me write saves you the time and effort of writing the first version of a document by enabling you to focus on bringing your ideas to life instead of conquering a blank page.”

Now you can just tell the feature what you want to say. 

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