Marketing Fatigue Syndrome: Consumers Want Relevant Messages Only

Consumers like getting messages from brands. But there are two provisos: 

  1. They must be relevant. 
  2. Don’t send too many. 

Those are among the findings of the 2024 Optimove Report on Marketing Fatigue, Customer Perspectives. 

Of the shoppers polled, 81% will unsubscribe from brands that inundate them. And 54% have subscribed from at least three brands in the last 90 days.

What’s more, 55% want fewer messages from brands they subscribe to. And 50% want fewer communications in general, although 34% say they would actually like to receive more.  

Meanwhile, 60% want to receive marketing deals and reminder emails and texts from brands to which they are loyal so they can purchase from them again. Indeed, 59% visit such brands at least once a week, and 22% do so every day. 



Yet 45% of shoppers in the survey say they receive too many offers, so relevancy is key. And 27% ignore most offers from retailers. 

But 18% don’t mind getting an irrelevant offer if it will expand their shopping options. However, only 10% say they will unsubscribe from brands that send them irrelevant offers.

What are the most irritating channels? 

  • Email — 35%
  • Text — 26%
  • Mobile/web push notification — 14% 
  • Mobile/web ad — 14%
  • Social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) — 9%
  • None — 2%

Optimove surveyed 305 U.S. consumers in January 2024. 



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  1. Stephen DiMarco from SDM, April 22, 2024 at 5:09 p.m.

    Just wait until GAI creates a wave of Artificial Relevance...

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