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'Split Happens. Get a Divorce': Chicago's 'Love Lawyer' Returns To OOH

Chicago lawyer Corri Fetman, who parlayed a controversial “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” billboard into lots of press coverage and a Playboy photo spread nearly 20 years ago, is at it again -- with an outdoor campaign declaring, “Split Happens. Get a Divorce.”

That original 2007 billboard, featuring sexily attired male and female bodies on both sides of the text, was removed by the city after just one week. But Fetman has continued advertising, with campaigns since then, including a dominatrix-dressed couple and the line, “Take Control. Get a Divorce,” and a pandemic-era masked couple looking in opposite directions with the line, “End Your Quarantine.”

In the meantime, Fetman has kept the “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” motto alive, even selling T-shirts with the message on her website.



The new ad, with a split couple dressed in wedding-like attire, has secured locations in downtown Chicago’s River North neighborhood, and on the highway near O’Hare Airport.

Fetman is a case history of a marketer who does it all herself, making both creative and media placement decisions.

This Q&A has been edited for length and clarity.

Marketing Daily: Why another campaign at this point?

Corri Fetman: Most law firm advertising is boring. It does not convey a message and all looks the same, namely a group of stoic lawyers sitting around the conference room table in suits.

I am a firm believer that marketing, creativity and innovation are three critical pillars that contribute to the success of any business. With the explosion of social media and digital marketing, clients have become bombarded with viable options. Therefore, it is always a good idea to promote and provide brand awareness.

Consistent advertising and marketing ensures that my firm remains visible and relevant amidst the competition.

Marketing Daily: Can you explain the thinking behind the new campaign?

Fetman: The new campaign serves to augment and complement my “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” brand. All my ad campaigns are targeted at the same missive: “Life is not a dress rehearsal. If you are unhappy in your relationship, seize the opportunity to live your best life.”

Marketing Daily: Why did you choose the particular locations for the campaign?

Fetman:  These locations not only provide incredible visibility but serve to target varying audiences.

River North, situated in the heart of Chicago, is a residential playground for a vibrant metropolitan crowd. It attracts residents and visitors traversing to this amazing neighborhood for work, the bustling nightlife and restaurants, theaters, museums, shopping, lakefront, music and sports venues and beaches. 

The highway location, conversely, attracts commuters from all walks of life, including but not limited to suburban families and individuals shuttling to distant locations outside the realm of downtown Chicago. 

Marketing Daily: Do you use an ad agency for your creative?

Fetman: All my advertising campaigns, including the tag lines, selection of photos and designs, have been created by me. As revealed for the first time when I posed and became the “Love Lawyer” advice columnist for Playboy magazine and, the female photos used for my “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” and “Take Control. Get a Divorce” ads were none other than me.

Marketing and creating advertising campaigns is one of my many passions. The thrill of creating campaigns and then strategizing to reach a target audience is fascinating.  Fortunately, I do have a gifted graphic designer who is responsible for the layout and visual presentation.

Marketing Daily: What is your goal with the new campaign?

Fetman: The first goal in all of my advertising campaigns is to deliver a positive message. An individual should be able to maintain personal integrity and not be judged for not wanting to stay in an unhappy relationship. The campaign is also about making personal choices which will lead to happiness.

Second, the goal is to provide value to clients: promoting the positive aspects of divorce and erasing the stigma commonly attached with divorce and family law matters. 

Lastly, the objective of my campaigns is to establish my boutique law firm, Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd., as a household name associated with divorce, custody and family law legal services.  

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