PubMatic Reports 20% Revenue Hike For Q1

Publishers might get an insight into the health of the industry by looking at the financials of its vendors. 

Here's one that might provide cause for optimism: PubMatic, a technology company devoted to the programmatic digital marketing supply chain, generated revenue of $66.7 million in Q1 2024, a 20% increase YoY. 

Moreover, the company is raising its full-year guidance and anticipates YoY revenue growth of roughly 12% for a total of between $296 million and $304 million.  

For Q1, the firm experienced a GAAP net loss of 2.5 million, or 4% margin -- versus $5.9 million, with an 11% margin, in the same quarter of 2023. 

PubMatic also reported these achievements: 

- Supply path optimization accounted for 50% of total activity on the PubMatic platform in Q1, versus 35% a year ago; this was driven by their media-buying video solution, Activate, and multi-year, strategic partnerships with top ad agencies and advertisers.



- Revenue from high-value formats and channels, mobile display and omnichannel video jumped by 26% YoY, and accounted for 77% of revenue in Q1, a 6% increase. 

- Omnichannel video, including CTV, saw revenue increase 33% YoY in Q1 2024.

“Monetized impressions continued to grow across all formats and channels as the need from publishers and ad buyers for our differentiated sell-side technology increases,” said Steve Pantelick, CFO at PubMatic.

Looking forward, co-founder and CEO Rajeev Goel says the digital supply chain of the future brings “new opportunities that are best addressed on the sell-side of the ecosystem, which sits closest to the consumer.”

Goel adds that “the need for increased innovation and efficiency, changing privacy regulations, and an onslaught of new ad inventory from CTV and commerce media, require deep and specialized technology.” 

In April, PubMatic announced it is partnering with GroupM, the media investment group of WPP, to deliver cohort-based modeling capabilities for advertisers across multiple publishers.



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