Albertsons Media Collective Launches Effort To Boost Retail Media, CTV Campaigns

Expanding retail media capability into TV, major supermarket chain Albertsons is launching Collective TV, a new effort for advertisers looking to achieve more effective results in combining retail media and premium video campaigns.

Under its retail media arm Albertsons Media Collective, the major chain says Collective TV is a process that helps advertisers find easy ways to target and measure campaigns that rely on first-party data, closed-loop measurement, shoppable ads and premium inventory.

Albertsons Media Collective is working with major advertising technology and demand-side platforms for this effort including Google Display & Video 360, The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, FreeWheel, iSpot and Clinch.

Kristi Argyilan, senior vice president of retail media for Albertsons Media Collective, said in a release: “With Collective TV, we’re removing the silos between publishers, demand-side platforms, and identity solutions by offering an outcome-driven TV solution that is flexible, scalable and measurable... We’re reimagining video measurement and optimization across all channels through our co-op garden approach and first-party data.”



It is offering three channels: A "premium" channel for brands using currency measurement from iSpot with access to premium video/CTV inventory from Google’s DV360, which includes YouTube inventory content.

In addition, there is also a DIY CTV channel for advertisers to build themselves, working with The Trade Desk, where they can access 80% of all premium CTV inventory. This will include Albertsons Media Collective’s first-party audience data.

There will also be a Collective Syndication Channel. This is for publishers and streaming services that want to use Collective TV to give extra value for their advertisers.

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