Actionable AI: How Newell Brands Built Customer Personas

You can’t read any marketing publication without AI being one of the top new trends to watch in 2024. And yes, generative AI and machine learning are in their limelight era, but most discussions around AI fall short of touching on real, hands-on use cases of how large companies can use AI today vs some forward-looking trend to keep an eye on.

Enter Newell Brands. As the parent company for household brands like Rubbermaid, Graco, Sharpie, Calphalon, Crock-Pot and more, they know their marketing is only as strong as their consumer insights. Traditionally, they relied on focus groups and customer panels to see what people need from their product categories, which are time consumer and expensive. That’s when they turned to generative AI.

We sat down with Newell’s President of Brand Management & Innovation Melanie Huet to learn how they’ve used ChatGPT to build personas that unlocked customer insights in a fraction of the time. You can listen to the entire podcast here. You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.



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