Brands Are Urged To Embrace AI Technology During Bloomberg Session At Cannes

Bloomberg Media provided robust sessions during Day 2 of its “Good Business” programming at BOBO Bistro in Cannes. 

In one session, titled, “Balancing Speed and Responsibility: AI and Marketing in 2024," speakers said marketers must understand the technology, according to a summary of the event provided by Bloomberg.

Doug Martin, chief brand and disruptive growth officer at General Mills, stated that it’s no longer “possible to be a successful CMO… without having a close relationship with your CTO.” 

But Martin and others cautioned against rushing things. 

Oliver Parker, VP global generative AI for Google Cloud, said, “It's okay to fail,” but added that brands are 12-24 months into adapting to AI in the workplace and “companies are looking for an outcome” to the tests that have been done. The time has come to use the data on offer to supercharge personalization, Parker added.  



In another session titled, “Women Leadership in Male-Dominated Industries,” Bloomberg’s Anne Kawalerski shared research projecting it will take “at least until 2032 to achieve gender parity across all S&P 500 boardrooms.”

Carla Zakhem-Hassan, chief marketing officer at JP Morgan Chase, recalled the times she was the only woman in a room with hundreds of men, and said that it’s hard for ““even the most confident of [women] to not be overwhelmed by that.” 


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