AI Warehouse Sale: Retailers Use Email To Clear Out Unwanted Inventory

Merchants can reduce slow-moving inventory with hyper-personalized emails using a hands-off, AI-driven tool from Birdseye, the company says.

The goal is to help merchants liquidate merchandise and “generate additional revenue by effortlessly tapping into engaged customer audiences, with AI taking care of the rest,” says Matt Bogoroch, co-founder and CEO of Birdseye.

Early users of the automated system have achieved triple-digit increases in revenue per recipient and 20% click-through rates, the company claims.  

Do not think of this as an endorsement. But Birdseye offers these possible use cases:

Instead of advertising the same large discounts to everyone, the Birdseye platform can reduce the discounts by pinpointing customers most likely to be interested in the products based on size and color, willingness to pay and other attributes, the company says. 



A sports apparel retailer with 300 units of an XL blue tennis shirt can engage XL customers who like tennis shirts and the color blue. 

There is no manual intervention required, Birdseye adds. 

The new capability has been tried by such firms asL’ovedbaby.

“Being able to send personalized offers and emails automatically, without the need for extra personnel on our staff, has been an incredibly cost-effective and lucrative addition to our business,” says Sharon Oved, Founder of L’ovedbaby.

Another client is Howler Brothers. 

“Like all merchants, we are always trying to optimize our inventory and sell more, faster – regardless of the economic climate,” said Rick Wittenbraker, vice president of business development at Howler Brothers. “With Birdseye in their stack, marketers can now make discrete and pinpointed sales while protecting their brands."

These successes are occurring because “timely and personalized content resonates with customers and isn’t just noise in their inbox,” Bogoroch says.


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