Preacher Showcases Female Power In Disney Bundle Spot

ESPN tapped ad agency Preacher to promote the Disney bundle (Disney, Hulu and ESPN) by showcasing female athletes, characters and talents.

The "Heroines Unite" brand campaign airs during the remainder of the NBA and NHL finals and through August. The work is available on both linear and digital ESPN.  

The spots feature Caitlin Clark, the NWSL, Taylor Swift, Coco Gauff and Emma Stone, among others.

“Women’s sports and entertainment viewership is booming, and it's a movement fueled by incredible female talent. We wanted to celebrate this surge,” said Kellyn Blount, executive creative director at Preacher.

“Rather than just sharing the heartwarming messages of passion, heart and sacrifice, which we are typically inundated with in female-centered spots, we aimed to go beyond and showcase the full depth and dimension of these women and their stories.”



The ad's text underscores that message: Fire. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Power. Glory. Wit. Valor. Strength.

“Preacher harnessed this momentum by positioning female stars as the trailblazers, record breakers, and norm shatterers we know them to be. No damsels. No distress. Just straight strength, poise and heroism,” added Seth Ader, ESPN vice president, brand marketing.

Preacher's client work includes Tecovas, StreetEasy, SportsCenter, Foot Locker and High Noon.

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