'Clothes They Wore" Addresses Children's Drowning, Prevention

Here is a sobering summer statistic: 70% of childhood drownings happen during non-swim times. It is the No. 1 cause of death in children between the ages of 1-4 in the U.S.

A new campaign from Doner and the National Drowning Prevention Alliance provides valuable information to stop this tragedy. It runs via video, print, social, OOH, digital and experiential.

The biggest danger of child drownings occur at unexpected times — when parents are making dinner or in another room and toddlers wander out.

The Clothes They Wore” campaign relives the tragic stories told from the parents who lost a child. Each features the wet clothes of the children to underscore most child drownings don’t happen in a swimsuit.

Five spots comprise "Clothes," including Edna Mae’s story here and Levi’s story here.



All note the five layers of protection parents need to know: barriers and alarms; adult supervision any time kids are in or near a poor or natural body of water; water competence; life jackets; and CPR. 

“Remember that most toddler drownings occur during a non-swim time and if the child is missing, check the water first,” said Dr. Adam Katchmarchi, CEO of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

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