Nature's Own Keto Bun Portrayed As Superhero

 Loaf bread brand Nature’s Own has launched its second keto product—a burger bun--and is supporting it with a campaign from Dallas-based TRG called “Conquer Your Cravings.” 

One ad in the campaign features friends gathered at a game-day party. A guest looks around at the happy crowd eating burgers with buns and other carb-filled delights and then sadly down at his own plate with a bun-less burger. He then slumps down on a couch appearing to suffer from carb cravings.  



Suddenly, like a superhero (complete with red cape) a bag of Nature’s Own Keto Buns flies into the room, saving the day. 

Comic book-type graphics pop up promoting the bun’s great texture and taste and the fact that each bun has just one carb.  

The ad ends with a voiceover proclaiming that the brand’s new buns are “saving the keto world, one bun at a time.” 

“Since this was a new product line for the brand, we wanted to differentiate the campaign from other Nature’s Own work,” says and agency rep. ”The graphics bring in a fun visual style that allows the hero – Nature’s Own Keto Buns – to really shine and plays off the comic-book superhero concept. And honestly, who doesn’t love flying bread?” 


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