'Borderlands' AR Arrives At White Castle With New Lionsgate Deal

The latest White Castle collab brings together the gaming and film worlds with an augmented reality experience for fans of both.

The burger chain has partnered with Lionsgate on a promo for the studio’s upcoming Aug. 9 film release “Borderlands,” based on the globalgaming franchise of the same name. The deal marks White Castle’s largest partnership to date for a film release, per the brand.

White Castle will offer limited edition “Borderlands”-themed packaging, all featuring different characters from the film. Packaging will also include several different QR codes. Upon scanning the codes with a smartphone, customers can enter one of seven different augmented reality (AR) experiences, featuring the snarky robot character Claptrap from the game and film (played by Jack Black), placing fans virtually into the sci-fi universe.



"(The) collaboration with “Borderlands” is upping the ante by allowing Cravers across the country to bring this franchise directly into Castles as well as into their own kitchens and dining rooms," said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle, in a release.

The promotion is being marketed in-store, online and on White Castle’s social channels. 

The hugely popular “Borderlands” franchise, which has sold well over 77 million games since its launch in 2009, is “known for (creator) Gearbox's blending of irreverent humor and characters with a unique art style, and co-operative four-player, genre-bending, loot-grabbing gameplay,” per the release.

The “Borderlands-themed” designs and QR codes can also be found on packs of White Castle Sliders in grocery stores nationwide as well as on the Crave Clutch and large soft drink cups in White Castle restaurants.

White Castle ralso ecently teamed up with New Line Cinema in April for the 20th anniversary of the film “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” creating a branded line of cold cups, merchandise and digital download giveaways. 

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