Sleep Stars In Ikea's New U.S. Campaign



Been wishing you could tell the world to get lost and spend more time in the sweet sanctuary of your bedroom? Ikea U.S. knows all about it and is launching “The Year of Sleep” to encourage people to create the bed of their dreams.

The new campaign includes a 3D billboard in Times Square and a new TV spot, focusing on the widespread longing for the “joy of missing out,” affectionately known as JOMO.

“We understand the importance that quality sleep has on our physical and mental well-being, which is why we are committed to offering a complete sleep solution,” says Christine Whitehawk, Ikea’s marketing lead in the U.S. “We want to focus on how we can help people furnish their home for better sleep through our six Ikea Sleep Essentials: comfort, light, temperature, sound, air quality, and decluttering.”



Ogilvy created the TV spot “The Place to Be,” directed by Joshua Kissi, showcasing the JOMO feeling that comes when sleep spaces reflect everyone’s personality. It features music from Yarge, the Venezuelan artist, and will run in Spanish and English on TV, digital and social media.

The Times Square takeover includes a weeklong immersive 15-minute video on loop, which changes between daytime and nighttime scenes.

“By bringing this billboard to the city that never sleeps, we’re emphasizing the importance of ‘giving everything else a rest’ in the middle of the commotion,” Whitehawk says, “Outdoor advertising can have a great impact on a campaign, and we’ll utilize more outdoor formats throughout the year.

In an email to Marketing Daily, Whitehawk says the push comes from Ikea’s Life at Home research, revealing a renewed worldwide emphasis on prioritizing rest. Among the findings? Naps are the best. “About 20% of those surveyed reported that napping is one of the things that brings the most joy in life at home,” she says.

The JOMO trend “is all about people reclaiming their time and finding joy in restful moments at home,” she adds. “With the commotion of everyday life taking a toll on our sleep patterns and overall well-being, people are increasingly prioritizing a good night’s sleep and relaxation.”

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