Vlog Heaven

It’s a free ticket on a raucous, voyeuristic trip into the lives of video bloggers, a.k.a. vloggers: The online directory of video blogs has nearly a quarter of a million videos and counting.

“It’s very easy to find the big-media video [online],” says Peter Van Dijck, information architect and founder of Mefeedia. “Independent stuff is very hard to find.”

At Mefeedia, wade through the potentially boring items and you’ll find a burlesque show that posts several times a week. Adam from Hoboken, N.J., produces videos starring a philosophical woodchuck. Watch vlogs by travelers, people living abroad, artists, and some who just want to give their two cents while wearing a gorilla suit.

The best vlogs are by people who really get the medium, Van Dijck says.

“They have a very natural way with it,” he says. “Although at the same time, I think none of these people would ever be hired for a TV show.”

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